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The importance of bees

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For many people, bees seem to be a nuisance but we need to remember what they do, and why they are important.  The worker bees, to be more specific, gather not only nectar and pollen. Nectar provides an important energy source and pollen gives protein and fats. When bees collect pollen and nectar, they travel from flower to flower, and some of the pollen from previous flowers rubs off as they gather the new pollen… thus, we have cross-pollination.  Cross pollination is important for many types of plants and trees, including most fruit trees, bushes and vegetable plants.  

To ensure that you have good pollinators for your garden or fruit trees, you can consider beekeeping.  For more information, check this out:


Bees are vital to human survival in an agricultural society. They ensure that pollination occurs so that our food will grow. They also provide important foods and medicines: honey, pollen, propolis, and wax.

Come to the Trillium Center to learn how to get started on your beekeeping adventure. Verity Bruening from the Ashtabula County Beekeeper’s Association will talk about the basic tools needed and hive structure – enough information to get you started, plus a handout on the medicinal and nutritional properties of bee products.

Introduction to Beekeeping
Trillium Center
715 Furnace Rd. Conneaut, OH
April 29
6 PM-7:30 PM
$5 donation suggested

Contact trilliumctr@gmail.com for more information 


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